"" Tips for Starting a Food Blog

Tips for Starting a Food Blog

How to start a food blog

In this blog post, I'll share my most valuable tips for food bloggers who are just starting. If you are a beginner and want to increase your blog traffic then you have found the proper article. 

Start your food blog: the major steps

1.Name your food blog and buy an identical name.

    • Domain names are short, popular and generally end with .com (yourblog.com)

    • Coming up with a turn your new blog is perhaps the toughest step.. You can begin brainstorming by developing a list of phrases that describe your cooking style, your lifestyle, etc. Throw to your name and Talk it out with friends. There are lots of terrific names obtainable that aren’t but taken, I promise!

2. Setup Blogger Food theme.

      • Now we’re attending to the fun part! Your Blogger theme can decide the design and feel of your website, thus an option for a pleasant one.


your theme should match your aesthetic and have the features you want. The subject conjointly must be coded by somebody who is aware of what they're doing.

 Responsive layout :

It is designed to produce guests with the most effective viewing expertise, whether or not they log in from your laptop,  smart phone or tablet.This means your visitors don’t have to pinch their fingers and zoom in to read your message. Your text is already a clear size. 

Optimized for the search results

This is consistent with the last two points because a well-designed site will naturally rank higher in search results than sites created for the wrong topic. 

User friendly :

Easy to use-find designs with built-in layout options so you don’t have to edit the code to change the basic content. These features will save you a lot of time. Your design should allow you to easily change the logo and colour scheme. and many more.

Backed by  support

Responsive support teams or community forums are valuable resources for solving technical problems.

Recommended Blogger Theme

   In my blog, I used the Foodify blogger theme.

All of their themes are responsive and SEO friendly. Many of the templates available FOODUP, HEALTH, RECIPEetc.

Tips for building a user-friendly food blog

When you’re setting for your blog theme, keep the following in mind.

Clear navigation: Keep your blog design perfect and neat, so visitors can expose what they’re looking for.

Enable the following: Place prominent links to your RSS feed, email subscription option and social media on every page.

Commenting: Don’t compel CAPTCHAs or invite visitors to log in first.

Recommend sharing: Give social media sharing buttons at the end of post.

How do I start a successful food blog? 

1.Be authentic. 
Post approximately what you like and convey the fine content material you likely can.

2. Do not give up.
The growth of the blog is slow at first, and if you persist and do your best, it will pick up over time.

3. Post original content
if visitors like your work, they will keep coming back.

4. Make friends and help each other.
In other words, the network! Connect with other like-minded bloggers and make friends. Leave thoughtful comments on their blogs, connect with them on social media, and promote their content.

5. Make simple for visitors to follow your blog. 
Publish your RSS/email and social media links in a prominent place on each page.

6. Make it easy to comment on the blog. 
Please do not use a verification code or need to log in. Find a way to let reviewers know that they are valued by emailing reviewers, replying to their comments publicly, or posting comments on their blogs.

7. Make to share your content easily. 
Place a social media post button at the bottom of each post. Say thank you when they promote your content.

8. Just post great recipes
You don’t want visitors to be disappointed by wasting time and ingredients on recipes, do you? It's better to let the blog sit for a few days instead of posting a recipe that can't be forgotten.

9. Publish regularly
Every day, every week, or every two weeks, so your blog won’t feel isolated.

10. Publish your post on the recipe submission site.
If you are just starting out, website submissions may be an important source of new visitors. I used to post my posts on Foodgawker, Tastespotting, Tasteologie. Save a text file with shipping information so that it can be easily copied and pasted on any site. When rejecting your photo for the first time, please edit it or select another photo and resubmit. Don't forget to post your new recipe. Also on Pinterest!

Should I start a food blog?

Food blogs are currently one of the best blog areas because there are so many different topics to write about, everyone must eat! Articles, recipe overviews and technical demonstrations.

Types of food blogs

  • Recipes.
  • Food/Restaurant Review.
  • Food and Travel (Ethics and Culture)
  • Food Photography.

Final setup

Configure Google tools. 

First, create a new Google account and a new email (Gmail) address for your blog. Keeping separate email and blog related accounts is great, you need a Google account to use the tools below.

Google AnalyticsHelps you to track blog traffic.
Google Search Console: Makes clear your website is up and running.

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