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About Us

I’m Yasmin, a thirty years old housewife and mother, as well as the self-taught cook, naturopath healer behind this little space on the web. Yasmin Cooks is a place for me to share the food I love as I hope to expand my photography and writing skills.

I love all things food. Let me rephrase that, I love all things good food. My favorite foods include all things Indian  and smoothies and dessert, anything with chocolate, caramel, fresh fruit. I could live in the kitchen. I like to make food look pretty, because when it looks good doesn’t it just taste better.

Most of the recipes are relatively easy to make, and call for ingredients that you can find in just about any grocery store. The recipes vary wildly, from various international cuisines, some gluten-free, some dairy-free, some vegetarian, and some are “good ol’ home cooking.” Many can be made in a weeknight, although I do have some that are more of a “Sunday afternoon” type of meal. A few are inspired by friends, family, websites, some of the blogs I regularly view, or magazine articles. If you have a recipe you’d like me to try and then post on this blog, by all means, send it my way! The more we share, the better we all eat, right?

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